Cricket World Cup: David Warner hit the century when Australia broke Pakistan

David Warner scored his first international age after serving a one-year ban on his involvement in a ball scandal that took place in Australia’s tense wins over the World Cup over Pakistan.

Warner, transformed from a man who fought in a Sunday defeat from India, made his way to 107.

With Captain Aaron Finch, who also played 82, Australia had to publish more than their 307s, only having lost the last six gates in 30 runs, mainly after 5-30 Mohammad Amir.

Facing a more ambitious goal than they once feared, Pakistan could have taken 136-2 when their own 4-24 collapse had run out of chase.

Hassan Ali scored 32 out of 15 goals, while Wahab Ryaz 45 of 39 goals to revive his loud fans, but after Waab failed his review of Mitchell Stark, Pakistan was fired for 266.

Pakistan remains the eighth in the table of 10 teams and continues to play India’s rivals at Old Trafford on Sunday, knowing that another defeat will go a long way to stopping their participation in the tournament.

Australia joins New Zealand at the top for six points, playing the game more than kiwi.

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