Amber warning issued for heavy rains in the southeast of Scotland

The meeting office issued an amber warning about heavy rains that could cause flooding and traffic congestion in the south-east of Scotland.

The alert covers Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and Scottish Borders from the north until 15:00 on Thursday.

Police urge motorists to use extra caution in the fact that there may be “dangerous” conditions on the roads.

Parts of Wales suffered from flooding on Wednesday, violated on roads and railroads.

Several people have been evacuated from their homes due to the risk of flooding, and the wagon driver has escaped after being stuck in his car.

Parts of Wales suffered from a flood on Wednesday
There were also torn apart after falling trees in Cumbria stopped train services on the west coast line between Scotland and England for most of the environment.

At the open show, Rod Stewart, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in Aberdeen, it was necessary to cancel because of a strong wind.

The meeting office warned that floods could damage the buildings and would endanger the lives of southeastern Scotland on Thursday.

The amphibian signal also suggests that there may be a power outage, a delay or cancellation of public transport, as well as difficult traffic conditions.

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